Rubber tile
Rubber floor
Epdm granule
Artificial Grass


EPDM feature: non slip, non-static, high flexibility, withstanding wear and tear decay, bright color, light gravity, strong adhesiveness, and there is no dust and powder absorption on it and very clean.      

SIZE :0.5MM---5MM   Main Application:
Running track(3mm-4mm, Red)
Playground, multi-purpose sports field(3mm-4mm, Green)
Tennis courts surface (1mm-2mm, Green)
Stuff to artificial grass (1mm-3mm, Green)
Kindergarten ground surface( 2mm-3mm, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Apple Green, etc. )
Rubber mat ( 2mm-3mm, Gray, Brown, Dark Green)
Landscape surface(2mm-3mm, Green, Apple Green, etc. )

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